AVIATOR – is the most romantic, airy and energetic musical band of Ukraine. It has been appearing before the footlights for more than 10 years in the same starry cast: Ihor Voievutskiy, Andriy Storozh, Dmytro Todoriuk. For the time of the creative career, the frontmen have already won listeners’ hearts with their sincerity and positive. Those lucky ones, who had an opportunity to visit at least one concert of the guys, become the faithful fans of AVIATOR and its music once and for all.

First Dmytro Todoriuk and Ihor Voievutskiy met in 2004 at the «Chance» (укр. «Шанс») TV-project. By then, the sound-producer of the project was Yuriy Nikitin. That was the moment the idea of boy band, namely the trio, arose. So, Andriy Storozh joined the group. On May 29, 2005, at the gala of the fourth season of «Chance», AVIATOR made its debut with the hit «Возвращайся» («Come Back») comprised of: Ihor Voievutskiy — guitar, Andriy Storozh — drums, Dmytro Todoriuk — keys.


The golden hits of the band are «Подарок» (“Present”), «Рыжая» (“Coppertop”), «Не удержать» (“Not to Hold”), «Запрещаю» (“I Forbid”), «За высокими березами» (“Behind the High Birches”), «Возвращайся» (“Come Back”), «Без тебя» (“Without You”), «Наташа» (“Natasha”), «Воздухом» (“Air”). These songs are marked by warm and grateful reviews from CIS top-radio listeners.

From 2005 to 2012 the band cooperated with “MAMAMUSIC” production center. During that time, the soloists caught to become the “Best New Artist” and get the “Golden Disc” for the sales of their first album “On Air”, received many awards of “Song of the Year”. In 2009 AVIATOR were awarded with the statuette of “Golden Gramophone” for the best remake.

Now the group continues an active creative life under its own label “AVIATOR MUSIC”. The team successfully works independently: writes songs, takes new video clips, gives recitals. The results of musicians’ work managed to get accolades from the audience and become the leaders of Ukrainian charts from the beginning of rotations.

AVIATOR – is a musical settler, surprising the audience with their live shows, giving a boost of energy and inspiring adorers to romantic gestures for more than 10 years onstage.