15 songs as a result of 15 years: what AVIATOR’s new album is dedicated to

“Aviators” from the music celebrate the anniversary birthday of the team.

On May 29, 2005, AVIATOR was first introduced to the general public. At first — with the premiere of the hit video “Возвращайся” (Eng. “Come back”), followed by a performance immediately for an audience of forty thousand people. Therefore, the collective considers this date to be the beginning of its own annals.

This year AVIATOR is celebrating its 15th birthday! On this occasion, soloists Andriy Storozh and Dmytro Todoriuk presented the album-collection “15”, which included 15 iconic songs for singers.

— Firstly, we like to make gifts on our own holidays, even in ordinary life, not to mention the musical one! Secondly, each artist requires certain results at some stage of his journey. It’s easier to look back: the entire background is put together in a neat album that characterizes you and your worldview at the time it was being recorded, — the band’s frontmen commented. — We are sincerely grateful to everyone who is the “face” of our fifteen: relatives, friends, colleagues, musicians, authors, listeners. Our shared engagement inspires us to continue flying. Therefore, to be continued!

Actually, on May 29, the group plans to give a “birthday” online concert, gathering for the first time after quarantine vacations with a full musical band. And then — to work on an anniversary tour, the dates of which were changed for obvious reasons. You can find out where and when to meet AVIATOR in your city on the official website and on their pages on social networks.


Listen to “15” album here.