New sound of “heady” hit: AVIATOR is presenting a dance version of “Коктейль”

DJ-tandem Denis Misharov & Sanchis mixed the frank track of AVIATOR “Коктейль” (“Cocktail”). The song in this way has acquired even more driving mood and dance motifs, which will become as relevant as possible right now, when spring is in its full swing!

The remix “found” us somewhat by accident. The guys sent it to us, noting that they were very inspired by the original song. And we don’t mind! — “aviators” Andriy Storozh and Dmytro Todoriuk smiled. — Moreover, they managed to give the quality of traditional disco and preserve the mood of the original. We are sure that listeners will like this sound of the song!

The artists add: in a situation of general quarantine, the atmosphere of the dance floor is easy to transfer to your home. The main thing is desire and mood! And they are easy to be created with a fresh remix.

The track “COCKTAIL (Denis Misharov & Sanchis Remix)” is already available for listening and downloading at all digital platforms.