Cheeky and sexy: AVIATOR introduced a new video “COCKTAIL”

AVIATOR presented a video on the provocative track “COCKTAIL”. Its author is hitmaker Anton Pustovoi, and sound producer Andrei Timoshchik worked on the sound of the single.


“COCKTAIL” is a completely new story for the group. We are grateful to the whole team that worked on the song and on the video for it, for clearly conveying our internal state. Talking about passion and sex freely is not a shame, especially if you do it beautifully. We think we succeeded!” — participants of AVIATOR Andriy Storozh and Dmytro Todoriuk comment.




The shooting took place in one of the top Kyiv hotels. The well-known Ukrainian music video maker Radislav Lukin worked on the visualization of the track, and as the main character of the video, the heady cocktail girl who was driving the craziness of both AVIATOR’s frontmen, the dancer Yulia Frolova-Tatarintseva was chosen. By the way, in intimate scenes in the bedroom, she appears in the underwear of the “A Fight” collection by singer Anna Dobrydneva. “We, without hesitation, entrusted the girls with responsibility to sex in our video! We think men will understand us!” — the performers are smiling.

“COCKTAIL” can already be viewed on the AVIATOR’s YouTube-channel, and the track is available on all digital platforms.