AVIATOR launched its own travel show without getting up off the couch

The pilot episode of the “Диванні туристи” (Eng: “Sofa’s Tourists”) mini-program is already available on the artists’s YouTube channel.

How easy is it to travel at home if you don’t take the “room-kitchen-room” route into account? The frontmen of AVIATOR Andriy Storozh and Dmytro Todoriuk, who started with the author’s “Диванні туристи” (Eng: “Sofa’s Tourists”) travel show, decided to answer this question. The theme of travel isn’t new to them: during the All-Ukrainian tour “По небу” (Eng: “Across the Sky”), one of the largest Ukrainian information portals published their blog called “Бортовой дневник” (Eng: “Flight Diary”), which described in detail the impressions of each touring city.


— Let’s be honest: we miss the tour! Andriy and Dmytro are smiling. — Moreover, this year is anniversary for our “gang”… We had to change plans and “redraw”, rebuild ourselves, but the “charge” for receiving impressions from cities and towns remained. So the format of “Диванні туристи” (Eng: “Sofa’s Tourists”) arose.


It is worth noting that the singers prepared the program by themselves at each stage, starting with script and ending with edit:

— This is definitely not for the sake of proving something to someone. In such a way it’s more interesting! Moreover, we have something to tell. Whenever we travel to a concert somewhere, we always devote some time to walking and getting to know the area. Now it’s just the time to put everything we see on the “shelves” and interest in traveling around our country after quarantine has been canceled. Because it’s really worth it!

“Pilot” of “Диванні туристи” (Eng: “Sofa’s Tourists”) is dedicated to the city of Lutsk. There are 25 issues planned.